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Modern Russian style in the interior of the house

What is the Russian style in the interior?
The direction harmoniously united the elements of paganism and Christianity, the influence of the West and the East. The second name of the movement is Russian country style in the interior. Recall country involves the creation of the situation in the rural spirit, taking into account the characteristics characteristic of the country or region.

Among all the trends in the interiors of Russian-style houses, people are most fond of rural motifs, personifying closeness to nature, tranquility and comfort. Also popular is the Russian classics, characteristic of the estates and houses of the 19th and early 20th centuries. Less popular, but not a thing of the past, Stalin’s Empire.

In today’s article, we will focus on the village direction, since it is considered the most native and least of all contains elements of influences from other cultures.

At the origin of the history of origin
Despite the fact that the Russian people survived many wars, fires and changes, they managed to preserve a rich cultural heritage, an important part of which is the Russian interior.

Grows flow from the culture of the ancient Slavs. At first they lived quite modestly: in the dwellings there was only all the most important things (stove, table, benches, beds). After a while, charms in the form of dolls and drawings on doors, windows and stoves began to appear, which became the basis for the appearance of the ornament.

One of the highlights of Russian interior design has become a stove. According to legends, a house-spirit lived behind it, and in order to be kind, the stove was kept clean, painted and decorated.

Slavic paganism, which developed in the 1st millennium of our era, had a considerable influence on the trends in dwellings. Faith in the gods and the animate nature manifested itself in floral ornament, carving, sculptures in the form of deities.

After the baptism of Russia, Byzantine culture had a considerable influence on the formation of the interior of the Russian house. A “red corner” appeared across from the stove in the houses, where icons, valuables and family relics were kept.

Until 1454, dwellings were erected mainly from logs, until the Greek wife of Ivan III Vasilyevich invited an Italian architect, who taught the craftsmen to build houses of brick and stone.

Over time, houses with vaulted ceilings, painted with frescoes, began to appear more, the beds began to complement the canopies, and the benches and floors became natural Persian carpets.

Gradually, the decoration began to acquire notes of Baroque, especially in the era of the Romanovs. Gilded stucco, velvet, tile stoves, luxurious and massive ornament were popular. Later, the Baroque came to replace the Stalin Empire, as well as Russian classics.

Style features
Russian style in the interior is characterized by such features:

A lot of natural wood is used. It serves not only as a surface finishing material, but also as a raw material for furniture. It is best to use varieties of wood common in Russia (pine, oak, clear, cedar, birch).
Houses made of log. This is an ancient and solid method of housing construction in Russia.
Plant and flower ornaments, Gzhel.
Artificial aging of interior items.
Natural colors: red, all shades of brown, blue, blue, white, cream, emerald green.
Massive wood furniture.
Natural fabrics, mainly cotton and wool.
Embroidery and lace.
Products from clay, porcelain with a primordially Russian ornament.

The most characteristic elements of style
Fireplace or stove
It is advisable to put the stove in a private house. A tiled stove will be a great addition to the living room. A traditional stove with a stove bench, with the help of which you can also cook food, will effectively complement the kitchen or kitchen-living room. They can be both decorative and used as intended.

The fashion for fireplaces came in the time of Peter the First. In Russia, they acquired the traditional Russian ornament and painting. A fireplace, like a tiled stove, can complement the living room decor.

The predominance of natural materials
As already mentioned in the previous section, the main material is natural wood. It prevails in the decoration and furniture. Also used brick, stone, ceramics and other pottery.

Furniture in the interior design in the Russian style is characterized by massiveness, carving and smooth surfaces. Also used wicker furniture. Characteristic elements of furniture: benches with massive legs, chests, tables made of solid wood, a closet, buffet.

Among the furniture, a special place is occupied by the chest. Previously, it contained not only things, but also a dowry, as well as family values. In the modern Russian interior, it can also be used for its intended purpose, thanks to its spaciousness.

Accessories and decor
Characteristic elements of accessories and decor are Khokhloma painted products, Gzhel, hand-made dolls, hand-made pottery, dolls, samovars. Small decorative pillows with Russian ornament are also popular.

The main elements of textiles – lace napkins, rugs and bedspreads made from natural fabrics, homemade tracks. Carpets with a low nap and complex ornamentation are laid on the floor.

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