Interior items that will transform your kitchen in two bills
Cabinets, household appliances, shelves and a table with chairs - the standard "set" for furnishing kitchen space. However, the kitchen is not only a room where they cook and eat.…

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Industrial style: interiors with an industrial touch
The United States is considered the homeland of the direction, but opinions diverge regarding the time of its appearance. Some believe that industrial was formed in the 90s of the…

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Arabian interior design
Characteristic style The interior is built on the basis of three rules: compliance with the traditions of Islam; observance of centuries-old traditions; objects of decor and interior painstaking handmade. An…

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Who is elite interior design?

The option of exclusive design is chosen by the owners of VIP-real estate:

apartments and studios with a living area of ​​more than 200 square meters. m;
two-, three-level apartments;
country houses and cottages ranging from 300 sq. m.
This is the case when the environment – the location in a prestigious area, a qualitatively different level of everyday comfort, high social status of residents – requires appropriate internal content. Issues of ergonomic layout, the most reasonable technical implementation of the project, safety factors, etc. come to the fore.

The main features of luxury interiors
We can highlight the general principles by which the best interiors of apartments and mansions are created.

Individual design project
The principal difference between premium residential real estate is a personal, non-standard approach to the development of external and internal design, focusing on the preferences and requests of a particular customer. The concept of elite design implies not just expensive furnished rooms and a beautiful picture, as in fashion magazines. This is a clever combination of luxury in varying degrees of its manifestation (depending on style) with the highest convenience of everyday life.

Large areas
Elite interiors of country houses and apartments in residential complexes are impressive in size. If these are houses, then entire residences, if apartments are apartments from a few hundred square meters. Unlike typical projects, where the challenge is to save space, there are no strict limitations.

Spacious rooms – the basis of luxury interior design, they provide an opportunity to arrange all the desired furniture and leave a lot of free space. A large area will provide the most profitable layout already at the design stage, so that then you will not have to think about reconstruction.

Additional rooms
The luxury residential area allows you to organize a lot of additional rooms designed for recreation and entertainment. These include home theaters, fireplace and billiard rooms, bars, full-fledged SPA-complexes, winter gardens, libraries, sports halls. The set of such zones is unique for each design project and is determined by the customer.

High-quality and expensive finish
The high cost of high-end repairs is associated with the use of finishing materials of the premium category: natural wood, natural stone, collection ceramic tiles, fabric wallpapers, and crystal. This also includes the handicraft of cabinet makers, sculptors, artists.

Created in a single copy of the wall and ceiling frescoes, stucco molding with gilding, wood and stone carving, bas-reliefs, type-setting parquet increase the aesthetic and commercial value of the interior, bring it to the category of exceptional. At the same time, the task of a professional designer and decorator is to combine all the elements into a single visual series that corresponds to the chosen style.

Sophisticated architectural elements
Photos of the interiors of luxury apartments demonstrate another feature – the complexity of the volume-spatial composition due to the introduction of colonnades, arches, vaulted ceilings, enfilade, portals. The receptions of ancient architecture are characteristic of traditional classics. Use them in full scale again allows an impressive area of ​​apartments.

Diverse lighting
In a typical project, a set of light scenarios is standard: central chandeliers plus built-in sources around the perimeter, local illumination with floor lamps and table lamps. The expensive design uses a whole arsenal of tools and techniques for solving practical and decorative tasks: cascading chandeliers in rooms with a second light, zakarniznaya, niche, stained glass, floor lighting, light panels, lighting steps on the stairs. And the owners of the house can manage all this independently.

Technological stuffing
The interior design of elite cottages and apartments includes equipping the latest appliances: in the living room is a modern media center, in the kitchen – thermal and refrigeration equipment of world brands, in the bathroom – electronic plumbing models with many useful functions.

High-budget projects are implementing the “smart home” system. It organizes the work of ventilation, heating, electrical appliances and switches, video surveillance, alarm, focusing on the algorithms and changes in the external environment. Managed remotely by smartphone or tablet. Such automation is another factor in favor of comfort and image.

Beautiful and expensive furnishing is the key to the successful implementation of an exclusive design. Furniture for projects made to order by the author’s sketches or purchased from premium collections of top manufacturers.

In the manufacture of objects in the classical style applied complex carved decor, patination technology. The natural wood of valuable species brings to the elite interiors of the rooms a very special, natural energy. Durable and textured material is the best suited for the design of family estates.

Interior items that will transform your kitchen in two bills
Cabinets, household appliances, shelves and a table with chairs - the standard "set" for furnishing kitchen space. However, the kitchen is not only a room where they cook and eat.…


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