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Interior items that will transform your kitchen in two bills

Cabinets, household appliances, shelves and a table with chairs – the standard “set” for furnishing kitchen space. However, the kitchen is not only a room where they cook and eat. It is also a place for quiet family gatherings, emotional conversations over a cup of coffee, cheerful holiday feasts, lonely reflections, etc. In a word, it is in the kitchen that “boils” life, in all its manifestations.

What has the atmosphere of your kitchen? If you can hardly answer this question, then it’s time to change something. It is not necessary to rush to make repairs or change the kitchen. It is quite possible to create a special mood and bring fresh notes into the already existing interior. To do this, you just need to choose the right decor items.

Before proceeding to decorating the kitchen space, it is necessary to determine the style and mood of the room so that the accessories harmoniously fit into the kitchen design and form a single whole with it. Selected interior items can complement complementary furniture and textiles, or, conversely, contrast with them. Thus, in the first case, we get a more restrained and calm interior, and in the second – a bright and original.

It is also advisable to stick to the chosen style in the room. For example, Provence style accessories will hardly fit in the kitchen loft. Laconic interior in the style of hi-tech will not work organically fit into the luxury of the Baroque or Chebbi-chic. To get a more complete picture of how the interior looks in a particular style, you can find relevant photos on the Internet. Also read the articles on our website – we often talk about the choice of decorative items for a particular interior style.

What accessories to prefer?
As mentioned above, the kitchen should be stylish. However, do not forget about the practical side of the issue. In this room you need to give preference to those items of interior that can be easily washed, which do not absorb dirt and odors. So, it is desirable to choose wall panels and pictures with a glass surface. Besides the fact that glass is easy to clean, it reflects the light, which makes the room more spacious and lighter.

The second most important purpose of the kitchen is eating. Every day we have breakfast, lunch and dinner in our kitchen. So, the atmosphere should be conducive to a pleasant meal. Shades of yellow, orange, red, green are considered favorable for the kitchen space. They remind us of delicious food – fresh fruits, greens, cause appetite and improve mood. But dark shades, on the contrary, reduce appetite and are not recommended for kitchen decoration.

The following accessories are recommended for the kitchen interior:
Tulsa Ceramic Bowl
Decorative plates and dishes. Unusual plates can be hung on the walls, arranged on the shelves, decorate their dining table. In the classic interior or in the style of Provence, decorative plates are often placed in a cupboard with glass doors.

Vase calanta
Vases and flowers. Table-top vases are placed on shelves and tops. They can be supplemented with fresh or artificial flowers, and can be an independent piece of furniture.

Doyna jar
Glass jars. Transparent glass containers are not only a decorative function, but also practical. In such jars, you can store cereals, bulk products. Effectively and brightly they look pickled vegetables – for example, red and yellow peppers, as well as other pickles.

Clock Cow Wall Clock. They will emphasize the interior style and remind the hostess of the end of cooking.
Wall panel Alanee
Wall decor. Wall-mounted modular panels, mirror decor, unusual decorations made of ceramics, wood and metal may well take their place above the dining area. For the design of the kitchen is recommended to choose paintings and posters with the image of food, windows of cozy cafes or still lifes.

Moore decorative jar with lid
Boxes and boxes for storage. They will help to hide from prying eyes various kitchen utensils that do not fit into the design you have planned. You can pick up boxes that match the color and design.

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