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Country style in the interior of the house

Rustic simplicity and home comfort inherent in country style, create a feeling of warmth and evoke pleasant memories from childhood about the unforgettable time spent with her grandmother in the village. The most comfortable in such an environment will feel people who work a lot, as the country style creates all the conditions to relax and unwind.

The main highlight of this style is a little outdated furniture, simple fabrics and inexpensive decor. Therefore, the main advantage of this style is the low cost of materials used in the design of the room.

Choosing a room for country style

This style direction is quite specific. Because of its special atmosphere, not suitable for every room, country is quite rare in the design of offices or children’s rooms. Much more appropriate this style will look in the bedrooms, a guest room or in the kitchen.

Finishing materials

If you decide to give preference to country style in interior design, then you will be pleasantly surprised by a large variety of materials that can be used to finish the ceiling, walls and floor. In the case of the ceiling, wood or plain pastel paint is most often used. Many designers often use such an element as wooden beams – they look quite impressive, but at the same time they are very comfortable.

For wall decoration suitable paper wallpaper with any simple patterns, colors or stripes. Decorative plaster, brickwork, wooden panels can also be used.
It is not recommended to cover the floors with glossy laminate. Most appropriate will look wooden or tiled floor. A suitable decoration can be a carpet with a high pile.

Furniture and decor in country style

A real find for country style will be old furniture stored in attics, as well as being sold in various flea markets. Slightly worn fittings with a minimum amount of decor perfectly fit into the design of country. You can also use new furniture, but it should be as simple as possible – unpolished and, perhaps, even a little rough. These are large wooden tables, simple chairs and benches, cupboards, shelves. For the bedroom, you can use soft sofas with upholstery without a pattern, wicker chairs, ordinary dressers and bedside tables. Replace some items of furniture can be placed on the floor of various antique chests.

Metal bucket with purple lavender

The color scheme in the room should be made in bright, warm colors. It is undesirable to use catchy, bright shades. The best option would be pastel colors, light blue and green colors, as well as shades of wood.

The interior of the country is welcomed by the abundance of various fabrics. The main rule is that they should all be natural. It can be linen, cotton or chintz – both plain and with a simple print in the form of a cell or a strip. Tables must be covered with tablecloths and decorated with cloth napkins, and small decorative pillows should be present on the sofas and chairs.

Country style implies a small amount of decor. A few statuettes, paintings, flower vases and ceramic plates as decoration will be quite enough.

Emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, the style direction of country music is becoming increasingly popular these days. This style creates in the interior a calm, warm atmosphere in which everyone can feel easy and comfortable.

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Country style in the interior of the house
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