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Where is the pheasant sitting? Purple decor items

Of the entire range of colors available to the human eye, this color can be called the most mysterious and ambiguous. It is formed by two colors of opposite heat – red and blue, and in this mixture of ice and flame, charming, sometimes frightening with its depth and mystery, but very attractive purple color is born.

No wonder different people perceive purple very differently: it can seem stern, scorchingly cold, or, on the contrary, affable, romantic, expressive, fantastically fascinating. Someone sees in it the mysterious sea depths or the pre-dawn sky, the unsophisticated simplicity of forest violets or the sparkles of snow on a frosty night …

And what an incredible amount of shades in this noble color! Plum, amethyst, aubergine, purple, lilac, crimson-crimson and many more, not amenable to verbal description. It is not surprising that this whole range of tones and shades is often used to create stylish, sophisticated interiors, and the design with a bias on violet is becoming increasingly popular and fashionable.

Color therapy in home design
Violet is the darkest of the spectral colors, however, it always looks rich, solemn, stylish in the interior. It is perfectly combined with many other colors, making up a contrasting depth against the background of any light shades.

A classic example is the combination of purple with white, light gray, golden or pale pink. This is a very consistent range, which will bring nobility and luxury into the interior.

Romantics and optimists are perfect combination of purple with yellow, turquoise, light green. Natures passionate and restless will feel great in an environment where, along with violet, there are fiery red and rich yellow tones.

The secret is in the details.
Designers advise that walls and ceilings should be painted in light colors, and purple notes should be added in the form of accent accessories and decorative objects. This technique allows not only to enliven the surrounding space with bright spots, but also to endow it with individuality. Home accessories have another nice feature: they can be changed from time to time, rearranged from place to place, updating the familiar atmosphere and changing the general mood in the house. And the purple color is the thinnest and most accurate tool for creating a unique look of the room.

Purple in different rooms
For example, in purple tones you can arrange the living room. Lilac curtains on the windows, the same range of small carpet on the floor, sofa cushions, wall panels or photo frames – an ample set for a cozy room. You can do without accent textiles, placing purple vases made of glass, figurines, and candlesticks indoors. Green plants on window sills look great in dark eggplant or plum pots.

In the kitchen or dining room, purple can accomplish miracles of transformation! Bright, rich colors, the most daring combinations of them stimulate the appetite and create a harmonious, filled with positive energy, atmosphere of festive feasts or quiet cozy family evenings. First of all, we are talking about table setting.

The dishes and table decorations in purple color always bring a touch of solemnity, turning even the everyday breakfast into some kind of aristocratic act.

Mauro decorative figure
Dishes, decorative vases, candlesticks and table accessories are perfectly combined with exquisite wall decorations and textiles.

Combinations of objects painted in light and dark colors of the violet range look very fresh. For example, glass bottles and vessels arranged in a row on a shelf or in an open cupboard, flower and fruit vases decorating the table, wall decorative plates placed in the form of an arch. Each trifle in the decoration of the kitchen can play an important part in the whole piece.

Without any fear purple color can be used in the bathroom, here it will be more than appropriate. Tiles in soft lilac shades will be elegantly in harmony with bathroom accessories in purple tones. Soap dishes, cups for toothbrushes, dispensers for liquid soap, shelves and a mirror in a decorative frame – all up to towels and bath accessories can be chosen in the same range, diluting it with pure white or blue. The same recommendations are also suitable for the decoration of the toilet, where there is also a place for stylish accessories.

As for the bedroom and children’s room, here the purple decor items, according to psychologists, should be present in a minimum quantity.

But if the love for this color is stronger than any precautions, then for these rooms it is better to select the lightest, delicate shades of this rich range. Lovely heart boxes, original photo frames, inconspicuous but highly artistic wall panels and beautifully framed small mirrors will fall in favor here.

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Where is the pheasant sitting? Purple decor items
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