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Interior decoration in vintage style

The word “vintage” appeared in our everyday life relatively recently. In fact, this term was the first to be used by French winemakers to denote high quality wines of years of aging. Like a good drink, the taste of which only improves with time, old things that are at the peak of popularity decades ago, become more and more valuable every year.

Vintage is a direction (mainly related to clothing and interior), which cultivates the use of details and ideas that are the trend of its era. If we are talking about home furnishings, then these are not necessarily authentic items that were once used. In most cases, we are talking about new products, only imitating the fashion of past years.

In contrast to the style of “retro”, which is characterized by any antique objects, these are the most significant, most memorable things that have become relevant again.

There is also an opinion according to which items made after the 50s of the 20th century belong to retro, and everything that was produced before 1950 can be considered vintage.

Vintage style in the interior design is chosen by true admirers of antiquity, who appreciate comfort, elegance and originality. In Europe, among designers it has become a good tradition to visit numerous antiques sales in order to purchase pieces of furniture, dishes and other interior elements. With the right application of such purchases, you can effortlessly give your home an elegant, but at the same time simple and homely look.

Characteristic features of vintage style in the interior
The following techniques are inherent in this direction:

use of worn or artificially aged furniture,
use of elements with the imprint of the past as a decor,
lack of plastic, synthetic and other artificial materials,
deliberate negligence: family photographs in a frame arranged on a chest of drawers in a chaotic manner, a checkered blanket thrown on the back of a chair, an unread book lying open on a windowsill.
Lillian Jewelry Box Dorian Photo Frame Decorative Devina Boxes
Colors and shades of vintage style
The color scale is laconic and reserved. One color is used as a background color, and harmonious shades are already selected for it. Preference is given to delicate pastel tones: light blue, lilac, muted green, pale pink, gray. You can use some shades of brown, but in minimal quantities, because sharp contrasts in this direction are not welcome.

In the interior, it is desirable to use furniture of the late 19th – early 20th century. Although you can pay attention to older things. The main thing is that the objects were made of natural materials, mainly wood.

Graxe Vintage Desk Phone Figurine Vintage Phone Oval Wall Mirror Gadara
You can add the randomness necessary for this style with the help of a combination of furniture from an antique shop and a new, artificially aged one.

The massive dining table, buffet, a huge pier glass in a fancy frame, a sideboard, chairs with peeling paint will perfectly fit into the vintage interior.

Accessories should perfectly complement the atmosphere created by the era of past years. Tea sets and flower vases, beautiful old dolls and statuettes, books in frayed bindings are exactly what you need. A gramophone on the dresser, a mirror in an aged carved frame and a grandmother’s chest will add the desired entourage.

Greece decorative vase
Due attention should be paid to textiles. When choosing furniture upholstery, tablecloths, curtains, pillows, napkins, it is necessary to give preference to delicate shades: ashen, pink, beige, lilac, white. The floral decoration is dominated by floral designs: climbing vines, bouquets of roses or lilies, etc. Only natural fabrics are used: cotton, linen, silk.

Interior design in vintage style – it’s not one day. To find exactly “your” things, you need time. But such a nuance should not become an obstacle. Properly selected interior items will create a special, unique atmosphere that can not be spoiled by a carelessly thrown blanket or scratches on the dining table.

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