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Arabian interior design

Characteristic style
The interior is built on the basis of three rules:
compliance with the traditions of Islam;
observance of centuries-old traditions;
objects of decor and interior painstaking handmade.
An interesting feature of Arabic design is to create a richer environment than it really is. Moreover, this trend does not spread to the exterior. As already mentioned at the beginning of the article, all luxury is hidden behind silent walls, like the beauty of oriental women under the veil.

Religion prohibits Muslims from depicting all living things, therefore, in real Arab interiors of the houses you will not meet sculptures of people, animals and picturesque images. But in the dwellings you can see numerous patterns with both large and small elements.

Empty surfaces are also largely unnatural. They must be decorated with patterns or paintings, often consisting of quotations of the Koran, mixed with an ornament.

History of style
Until now, experts can not accurately determine when the fashion for the Arab interior began to spread among countries with a different religion. The fact is that the Arabs are very secretive, and besides, it is unusual for them to show off their interiors. Even tourists in the eastern country can not always fully appreciate the homes of local residents; and stay in hotels does not always reveal color. Building exteriors are often manifold, and the fact that behind the walls of houses is hidden from prying eyes.

The considered style was formed more than 5 centuries ago. Unlike many other areas, it has reached our days practically in its original form, while in Europe one style was replaced by another. This trend is due to the conservatism of Muslims and loyalty to the traditions.

In the 18th century, during the colonization of the eastern countries, the fashion for their decor and interiors gradually began to penetrate into Europe. Carpets, screens, ornament and painting in oriental style became popular among Europeans.
In the past century, with the development of electronic technology, the curtain was lifted even more, opening the secrets of the Arabic style in interiors. Since that time, the fashion for Eastern trends in homes has begun to spread even more actively around the world.

Strengthened its position series, which featured the East. For example, the famous TV series “Clone”, which was released on screens in 2001, demonstrated not only the way of life of Muslims, but also colorful Moroccan interiors, adapted as much as possible to the real homes of the Arabs. The multi-million audience so much liked the Arabic interior design that was shown, that many began to remodel their homes in the oriental fashion.

Main features
Consider the main features characteristic of Arabic design:

Spacious rooms with windows, partitions and doorways in the form of arches.
Windows are often large and giving a lot of light.
Private houses have courtyards with fountains, in which rose petals often float.
Materials – wood, forging, textured plaster, natural stone.
Gold plated surface.
Many ceramics – from tiles to small decorative items. Inserts of tile can be in bedrooms not only on the walls, but also to cover the surface of the furniture.
Mosaic is used on walls, stairs and furniture surfaces.
Primary colors – red, blue, golden, emerald, brown, beige, white. From them you can create contrasting combinations.
Natural handmade carpets. The older the carpet, the better it is. Especially prized carpets, which are more than a dozen years. Sometimes they are made to order. There are even sheikhs among customers.
Wooden furniture with carved and upholstered.
Plastering, drapery or wallpaper with a characteristic ornament is often used as wall decoration.
Lightweight tulle and thick flowing curtains with lambrequin.
Lighting fixtures are most often made of crystal or metal with Arab decor. They use not only the central light, but also small lamps emphasizing the play of colors and gilding. The lighting is made yellowish and slightly muted.
Stained glass in the form of geometric patterns.
Many natural textiles – lambrequins, canopies, decorative pillows, puffs,

Features of Arabic furniture
In the present design of the premises in the Arabic style, you can not see the usual furniture for Europeans. For example, instead of chairs often use large floor cushions or mattresses.

Sofas and chairs are soft and comfortable. On the sofas put decorative pillows with painting. Sometimes upholstered furniture is covered with covers. Tables are usually low with natural carved wood.

Is Arab design popular today and who will suit it?
Designers often receive orders for the implementation of the Arab direction in the interiors of apartments. This trend is not surprising, since not everyone likes the fashion for ultra-modern interiors with an abundance of plastic, metal and modern sophisticated decor.

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