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What to put in a transparent vase? 15 ideas for your home

Transparent glass vases are simple and elegant. But this does not mean that they are boring. After all, a simple design gives unlimited scope for creativity in creating original compositions. In addition, a variety of commercially available forms allows you to embody the wildest imagination.

Surely, you have repeatedly come up with the idea that it would be nice to change something in the familiar interior. At the same time, innovation should not be too costly and not too difficult to implement. Just such a solution could be a glass vase. What to put in it to be unusual and stylish? In fact, a lot of ideas.

Fresh cut flowers are a traditional and definitely a win-win option. They will look beautiful even in the most ordinary desktop vase. If you want to make a bright accent in such a composition, you can add a few drops of food coloring to the water, and the vase will sparkle with new colors.

Artificial flowers are perfect for tabletop vases, as well as for high floor. You can make a “mono bouquet” – for example, from roses. Or you can have a more complex composition – with delicate hydrangeas, glycine, mattiola flowers, magnolia and other flowers.

Decorative stones of different shades will complement a wide tabletop vase or a narrow tall vessel with a lid. They can be poured into decorative jars or bottles. This decor will decorate the kitchen shelves, fireplace or shelves in the living room, shelves in the bathroom.

Decorative branches – whether natural or artificial – are incredibly popular in interior design today. It can be dry wood twigs, spikelets, bamboo, ornamental grass. Especially relevant such compositions will be in the Scandinavian interior, in the style of eco, country, etc. Choose vessels of various shapes – square, spherical, trapezoidal, etc.

Balls of jute, twine or twigs. You can buy them or do it yourself. They can be of different sizes and shades. For such contents fit wide vases, glass trays and dishes. The composition is appropriate on the coffee table, the console.

Yarn – as an alternative to jute balls. Vases with multi-colored balls of yarn remind of the warmth and comfort in the house.

Coniferous branches, cones, acorns, pieces of logs and other natural materials. They are easy to find and simply decorate – for example, by painting with gold or silver paint.

Flower petals are another natural material that is suitable for a glass vase. Rose petals of different shades will look great.

Shells, colored sand, ropes are suitable for the interior in a nautical style. Use vessels of different heights and shapes to give dynamics to the interior. Try also to pour sea salt into a vase, having previously painted it in the shades you need.

Large beads, glass beads are often used as the contents of both table and floor glass vases. Use them in rooms of any purpose – bedroom, living room, kitchen, bathroom.

Feathers – an option for exotic interiors, oriental, etc. They will look beautiful in a large, high vase, and not necessarily transparent or monophonic.

Krupa. Use it to design vases in the kitchen. You can put green peas, red lentils, white or red beans, etc. in a vase. For such a composition, small vases are best suited. You can also make coffee beans, a more unusual option is M & M’s colored dragee.
feathers and beads in a transparent vase

Fruits. They can be natural or artificial. The latter, of course, are a more practical solution. The most advantageous and appetizing will look tangerines, lemons, apples. Of course, for such content it is worth choosing a rather wide and bulky vase.

Kitchenware – wooden spoons, spatulas, forks, etc. Such a “bouquet” will perfectly fit into any kitchen and create a cozy, homely atmosphere.

Towels, colored soap – a solution for the bathroom. Fill glass jars with a lid with bundles of fresh towels or pieces of colored soap. It is not only beautiful, but also quite comfortable.

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