Art Nouveau in architecture
Modern style appeared in European style modern in architecture and American art in the late XIX - early XX century and most clearly manifested in the architecture of private houses…

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Arabian interior design
Characteristic style The interior is built on the basis of three rules: compliance with the traditions of Islam; observance of centuries-old traditions; objects of decor and interior painstaking handmade. An…

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English style in the interior of the apartment
History of The formation of the English style in the interiors began in the 18-19 century. Restrained Englishmen were not particularly keen on Baroque and Rococo, preferring restraint and classics.…

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Columns in the interior of apartments and houses

What materials are the columns made of?
Columns in a modern interior are made of different materials.

Regardless of their type, the design consists of three parts – a capital (upper part), a body (trunk) and a base (lower part). A variety of materials allows you to create columns under a certain situation and advantageously transform the room.

Consider the basic materials from which such structures are made.

A natural stone
Most often it is granite, marble, basalt or malachite. Such architectural forms adorn theaters, museums, galleries, as well as luxury homes. They will effectively complement the Baroque, Empire, Rococo and even the classic atmosphere.

Natural stone is durable, it shimmers beautifully both in daylight and in artificial light.

It will not be cheap to supplement your home with them, since the material itself is expensive, and the processing is quite complicated.

Oak, beech, ash, cedar are often used as materials. Columns in the interior of natural wood will complement Provence, Country, Rustic, Art Nouveau and similar currents.

The wood is environmentally friendly and produces a pleasant forest scent, shrouding it in its home. If the columns are covered with protective impregnations, they will be resistant to moisture and pests, and will also retain their original appearance for a long time.

Depending on the style and personal preferences, the columns can be coated with colored or clear varnish. The last option is good because it preserves the naturalness and beautiful texture of wood.

Most often in dwellings mounted structures made of metals of silver, white and black. Popular stainless steel designs with a beautiful metallic luster. Such columns in the interior of the apartment will fit into high-tech, minimalism, loft and similar areas. Forms of structures are usually symmetrical, clear and even.

Columns will last much longer if their coating is galvanized. Then they can be mounted in places with high humidity without fear of deterioration.

To create columns choose thin sheets that are well bendable. Since the material has a smooth surface and good adhesion, it can be revetted with various decorative finishes (stone, paint, plaster, mosaic). This means that the designs of the GCR will fit many styles. It all depends on the finish facing.

The basis of the GCR is building gypsum. It is environmentally friendly and safe for others. However, its properties may deteriorate upon contact with water.

The forms of drywall constructions are predominantly straight and even, since it is difficult to make a complex decor from the gypsum board.

The material will fit most styles, as it can be given a different texture, shape and color. The only exception is the styles where you need a natural metallic luster.

Such architectural forms of polyurethane are affordable and easy to install. Many of them have other advantages – resistance to temperature extremes, moisture, ultraviolet, deformation. In addition, you can create a complex decor.

However, the columns of polyurethane in the interior will not give such a stunning effect, like a stone or wood.

Column functions
Columns of natural wood or stone can perform the functions of supporting structures – to maintain overlap. Even if during the design of the house they were not, special permissions will not be required if you decide to install them.

Studios, large rooms and ordinary rooms can be zoned using such architectural forms. At the same time, they will visually increase the height of the ceiling, making the room spacious.

Such designs will bring elegance, charm into the dwelling and will be a highlight of the situation. Luxurious architectural units of expensive materials emphasize the status of the owner of the home. Even in ancient times, majestic columns decorated the buildings of governments and influential people.

The feasibility of using columns in the interior
Columns in the interiors of houses and apartments are not very common. This is connected with the opinion of many that this architectural element looks spectacular in only large dwellings with high ceilings, and it is far from suitable for all styles.

In fact, the columns will advantageously complement almost any room, regardless of the area – you can always find the desired size.

As we said above, such designs will be combined with most styles thanks to the possibility of choosing materials and design. Therefore, it is advisable to install the columns to transform the situation favorably.

Variants of design columns depending on the style of the room
Consider the design options for columns in the interior with regard to style features.

For antique furnishings, you can choose designs in the Doric, Ionic or Corinthian style.
All three directions combine vertical tracks along the entire length of the trunk. The doric type is characterized by a minimal base, a squat trunk, decreasing towards the top, and a capital from a square and round slab.

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