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Contemporary style in interior

A bit of history
In the middle of the last century, the middle class lived in small separate apartments and dwellings of a communal type. The decor was restrained and even modest, the furniture was used in mass production, and the decor – which turned out to be bought.

As a result, the contemporary style in the interior of the apartment began to personify a laconic atmosphere with interior items in different styles.

Another factor contributing to the formation of direction is the active promotion of designers’ ideas on creating practical, roomy and inexpensive furniture designed for the masses.

At the end of the last century, such furniture was in many apartments in different countries of the world. A striking example is the walls for the living room.

Is style popular today?
Contemporary (style in the interior) remains popular in our days, as it allows you to combine modern furniture with household items in different styles and even from other eras.

Our experts believe that the direction has all the prospects to remain popular for a long time. This is facilitated by the fact that there will always be a wide range of current, fashionable furniture and a variety of decor.

Similar styles and their differences from contemporary
The genre also implies a combination of objects and décor from different eras with different semantic meaning. But in eclecticism there are no boundaries that can be modern, and that from another era.

For example, antique furniture will be combined with modern finishes. The design of the apartment in the style of contemporary design involves the combination of modern furniture and objects of decor and life from past eras.

Significant difference in the period of origin of directions. Eclecticism appeared much earlier – the first features were seen in Ancient Rome, and the peak of popularity was in the 19th century.

Also provides a mixture of styles, but always in such a way that the situation was perceived as a whole. Even if completely different cultures are mixed – African decor can coexist with Provencal furniture or complement the high-tech finish.

The difference of directions lies in the fact that contemporaries are not characterized by pronounced contrasts or outdated furniture with limited practicality. The difference in the period of origin. Fusion appeared a little later – in 70 – 80 years of the 20th century.

Scandinavian style
He, like the direction in question, provides for simplicity, brevity and the presence of functional furniture.

However, the Scandinavian style is characterized by the predominance of white and cool colors. A decor in the minimum quantity, without exotic elements. There was a Scandinavian style a little earlier – in the 30s of the 20th century.

Ideas and features of Contemporary
Modern contemporary does not provide for strict adherence to the rules of any era.
For the arrangement of an apartment in the style of Contemporary, the houses in ordinary panel houses are perfect.
Free space. Where possible, do not make partitions and walls.
Functional furniture mass production.
Simple and laconic atmosphere.
The predominance of light shades, coffee, brown, white. Allowable bright blotches in the form of elements of furniture or decor.
Contemporary design provides shapes and lines that are simple and correct.
Decor in the form of paintings, photographs and souvenirs does not become the center of attention in the room, but only gives it comfort. He should not clutter the space and interfere with comfortable pastime.
The furniture is mainly folding and roomy – cabinet, walls, folding sofas.
Window blinds, light tulle, or curtains.
The living room in the style of Contemporary will add a roomy wall, you can along the entire wall.
In the bedroom in the style of contemporary make a predominance of cream and coffee shades. You can decorate the bedroom so that you can easily change its appearance.
The contemporary style of the kitchen will accentuate the kitchen set of mass production with a glossy or matte finish.

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