Architectural style: baroque
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The interior of the guest room or guest house

Conditions for creating a guest room
All sooner or later faced with the issue of accommodation of guests. For such purposes use the guest room. But not in all cases it can be done.

In most typical apartments, all the rooms are already distributed according to their functional purpose – a living room, a bedroom, a nursery, etc. Therefore, to create a guest room in an apartment, a sufficient area of ​​the dwelling is necessary.

The role of a guest room can be performed by a separate room, if not, but there is a large room, for example 25-30 square meters. m, you can use partitions to create a place for guests.

In the private house the guest room can be an attic or basement.

Often, the guest room is not the most profitable natural light, area and location in the house. This is due to the fact that it is used infrequently. But this fact must be considered when arranging. Skillful design techniques minimize flaws.

If there is little natural light, it is compensated for with artificial light or large windows are inserted. If a small area, use techniques for visual and actual increase in space.

Basic requirements for the arrangement of the guest room
When you make a guest room you should follow the basic requirements:

The presence of good artificial and natural lighting.
Ample amount of space for a comfortable stay. It is desirable that it be at least 10 – 12 square meters.
There should be a place to store bags and things.
Functional furniture for the guest room – a bed (or a sliding sofa), a wardrobe, a table, a mirror.
Small tv.
Autonomous bathroom.
The design of the guest room resembles a hotel room, which will be comfortable for visitors.

What should be the lighting?
Some of the techniques related to lighting, we have already mentioned in the first section.

It is important to create different lighting options so that the guest can choose the right option for themselves.

Hang thick curtains that do not let light through. Some people need darkness to sleep.
Tulle choose translucent, in case someone sleeps under the light of street lamps.
In addition to the central chandelier, make additional lighting – spotlights mounted in the ceiling, bedside lamps, floor lamps. You can make a dimmer ceiling light.

Selection of decor
The decor is in moderation. Abundance of decor, emphasizing the style of the home, leave for the living room.

As decorative elements of the design of the guest room in the house, pillows of various sizes on the bed, several souvenirs, emphasizing the style, ornamental plants will do.
Among indoor plants, choose those that are odorless, and even better without flowers – guests may have an intolerance to some floral aromas or an allergy to pollen.

The main thing is that the decor is not associated with the personalities of the owners of the house, otherwise the guests will get the impression that they interfere in their personal space. Therefore, refrain from photographs of their own and family members, do not use personal decor and other personal items.
Under any style you can pick up pictures and images. For example, for classic styles, oil or watercolor paintings are suitable, for many modern trends, posters and photographs.

Choose neutral plots – picturesque landscapes, urban views, abstractions. Pictures and photos will set the mood and make the room more comfortable.

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