Architectural style: classicism and neo-classicism
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What color to choose for the interior of the kitchen?
Why is it important to arrange the kitchen correctly and what is the secret of a harmonious environment? The secret of the correct design of the kitchen room lies in…

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What color to choose for the interior of the kitchen?

Why is it important to arrange the kitchen correctly and what is the secret of a harmonious environment?
The secret of the correct design of the kitchen room lies in the harmonious combination of wall cladding, floor and ceiling, furniture and decor. Complements the design of the lighting and the game of colors under the influence of sunlight or artificial light.

Responsible role in the design of the room is exactly the colors. They help to create comfort, emphasize style and set the mood.

The last point is especially important because the room where people cook and eat should evoke positive emotions and awaken the appetite. That is why it is advisable to choose the right colors in the interior of kitchens.

Two main rules when choosing a kitchen color
There are two basic rules that should guide the choice of color kitchen:

Since dark colors visually reduce the area, for a small kitchen, choose a light color scheme.
It is advisable to use cold light shades and slight bright blotches. In large-area kitchens, combine dark hues of medium intensity and bright colors. Kitchen furniture in this case, make two-color.

The kitchen room can be one-color (meaning the use of one color, but different shades) or multi-color.
In the last version, one tone should be predominant.

Useful recommendations on the choice of colors
Do not use more than three dominant colors.
First, such a decision is not considered the prerogative of a professional designer. Secondly, the situation can overload.

If the color of the furniture and wall coverings match, then the shades should differ by at least a few tones.
Often make the color of the kitchen set for the kitchen is darker than the walls.

To avoid disharmony in the volume of the room, do not make the ceiling and floor of the same color and texture.
The wall panel and countertops stand out in a contrasting or brighter color compared to the rest of the room and other furniture.
When finishing and furniture in unsaturated colors, make bright blotches using textiles (tablecloth, curtains).
If the walls of the room are quite bright, then the headset should be made in calm colors, for example, in pastel colors; and vice versa – when the headset is bright, the walls should not be so.
If you are going to make a contrast, do not overdo it with combinations of bright and saturated colors.
Otherwise, the initially beautiful colors of the kitchen will be ridiculous or overwhelming combinations.
Bright color combined with white or black – there will already be a contrast.

The choice of drawings and textures
Large patterns, as well as large textures, visually reduce the area of ​​the room.
If the texture and patterns are small, the kitchen will look bigger than it actually is.
Visually increase the area of ​​the mirror surface and glossy coating of light colors.
Vertical lines on the walls will help to “lift” the kitchen ceiling, and horizontal walls will “widen” the walls.
The illusion of continuous space will create a checkered pattern, but it is more suitable for kitchens of medium and large area, but not for rooms of 10–13 square meters. m, which are often found in panel houses.

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