Architectural style: classicism and neo-classicism
Classicism (fr. Classicisme, from the Latin. Classicus - exemplary) - artistic style and aesthetic direction in European art of the XVII-XIX centuries. At the heart of classicism lie the ideas…

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Art Nouveau in architecture
Modern style appeared in European style modern in architecture and American art in the late XIX - early XX century and most clearly manifested in the architecture of private houses…

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Modern interior design for a young man
Nuances worth considering Equipping the design of the apartment for a young man, it is important to consider the following nuances: Age category. For example, an 18-year-old student and a…

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Metal in the interior – types, combinations, decor

Ways to use metal in the interior
The main rule is balance. Steel, iron, chromium are used for zoning, accentuation, decoration in combination with more common finishing materials: wood, plaster, wallpaper, tiles, etc. Otherwise, with the dominance of steel parts, the living space risks turning into cold and lifeless.

Fireplace area – one of the most successful places.
The portal itself can be closed with a forged grille, and the wall around it with rolled sheets of brass, copper or iron.

The interior partition of metal can have any ornament (floral, geometric, abstract).
Forging is used to support the metal trim of the fireplace. If the design of the room is designed in high-tech style, for the fence choose polished steel.

Copper with a pleasant matte glare will be suitable for almost any interior.
As a sheet material it is used to decorate the ceiling, walls, countertops. To reveal the beauty of the texture will help good lighting. This decorative metal is equally relevant in the interiors of classics and minimalism: the polished surface will make the design more modern, unpolished – it will add a touch of antiquity.

Bronze is chosen in the design of living rooms and bedrooms in the Rococo style, Empire, classic.
The headboard of the bed, lamps, candlesticks, figurines, frames, door accessories are made of it.

Brass feels great surrounded by natural shades: green, woody, gray, white, blue.
It is used for wall decoration, furniture, accessories, lamps.

Steel in the interior is a high-tech favorite.
From it make stairs, partitions, racks. Sheet material revet the walls, cover the countertops, emit elements of furniture. The soft armchair in the rigid steel case looks very impressive. Stainless steel in the design of an apartment or house is especially successful against the background of finishing with a natural palette.

Steel design options
Metal tile
This wall and floor with good performance and aesthetic properties.

The role of the base is porcelain stoneware, on the front side of which a layer of stainless steel or aluminum is applied. The surface is left textured or smooth. This stainless steel wall finish looks good in the kitchen or in the dining room: here you can thematically support it with kitchen equipment or lamps.

It is better to choose a tile with a mirror surface for a bathroom, such facing will expand space.

The combination of steel with chrome fittings and white plumbing is most beneficial. Stainless steel panels are used to finish the walls not only in the bathrooms, but also in indoor pools, where they successfully cope with high humidity.

Steel mosaic
From neat little pieces you can collect a solid piece of canvas or unusual panels. Due to the miniature size, the mosaic is suitable for designing places that are complex in terms of facing, non-standard structures.

To decorate the walls of the corridor, living room, dining room, kitchen is a simple way to incorporate metal into the interior of a country house and create an environment with pronounced individual features.

Metal coatings
We are talking about the technology of applying a special film 0.5-2 mm thick on any solid substrate: concrete, plastic, wood. In finished form the surface is polished and polished.

Due to imitation of patina, rust, reflow effect, such lining will receive an exclusive character. The processed interior parts made of bronze or copper will organically complement the historical styles, and of chrome and iron – an apartment in the style of a loft and high-tech.

Decor and accessories
Estimate the size of the room.

If the room is spacious and well-lit, feel free to show off the cool shine, but complement it with warm textiles and wood textures. If the area is small – it is worth doing only two or three decorative accents of steel.

Metal interior items include:

grilles of fireplaces and radiators
clock, wall panels
table lamps, lamps on the suspension, sconces
picture frames and mirrors
figurines, vases
Depending on the chosen material, metal products will bring lightness to the interior design (if you choose stainless steel, chrome) or warmth (in the case of copper and brass).

Metal finish in different styles: examples of use


Where to apply

Design options

Minimalism, hi-tech

– Stainless steel
– Chrome
– Brass

– Lighting
– Accessories
– Furniture
– Partitions
– Mirrors

Furniture with a metallic sheen, chrome tables – a great addition to the modern room. Golden brass will make a warm accent.


– Stainless steel
– Brass
– Copper

– Wall decoration
– Lighting
– Mirrors
– Furniture decor

The dosed inclusion of metal in the interior of the loft distinguishes this style from a more rigid high-tech.


Any metal

– Walls
– Large mirrors
– Furniture

Focus on your imagination: a chair made of wire mesh, a chrome lamp, an old steel bench – it’s eccentric, bold, fresh.

Country music

– Gold
– Copper
– Chrome

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