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Vintage style in the interior

Is vintage popular today and who prefers it?
Some people are not to the modern situation, due to the impact of high technology, but to a home filled with objects associated with a past era and causing a feeling of unobtrusive nostalgia.

Vintage lovers of the interior, the older generation, collectors and those who appreciate antique items often make vintage in the interior of the house.

To properly arrange such an environment, it is best to take the help of a designer and an expert on antiques.

First, it is important not to overdo the design, and secondly, you need to be able to distinguish antiques depending on their era.

History of
The word “vintage” (fr. Vintage) came into use from the vocabulary of manufacturers of expensive and high-quality French wines. After a while, this term began to denote exclusive, expensive and antique things.

As a style, vintage in the interior originated at the end of the last century. He was born thanks to the US architect Patrick Willis. Possessing ambition and talent, he decided to present the house in the form of an ellipse.

But shortly before the presentation it turned out that he did not have enough money to complete the project. Therefore, the architect decided to compensate for the missing items with things from the flea market. The idea turned out to be more successful and got the name – vintage style in the interior.

Key Style Ideas
Vintage in the interior of the apartment is, first of all, an unobtrusive addition to the modern basis of the interior with antiquities, most often of the past and of the nineteenth century.
It is close to the classics, but provides solutions in the form of modern finishing materials and some designs.
Antiquities correspond to a specific period. Properly decorated setting personifies a certain era and causes a feeling of light nostalgia.
The principle of minimalism is not used. Decor and vintage items are often exhibited for all to see, personifying the chosen era.
An abundance of antiques is also not welcome. Otherwise, the vintage style in the interior of the apartment will not be expressive, and the room will be overloaded with objects.
Aged or artificially aged things look neat and attractive. Not used items that are very dilapidated due to their prescription. Therefore, it is important to see a clear line between antiques with small traces that time has left on them and objects that are about to collapse due to disrepair.

The components of the vintage
Antique objects or things (furniture, lampshades, paintings, figurines, porcelain, antique toys).
They not only give the room coziness and nostalgic mood, but also serve as an indicator of elegance and taste.

Artificial aging of interior elements.
For example, objects made of copper or bronze with intentionally worn areas, picture frames with gilding artificially darkened by age.

Decorating the walls, floor and antique ceiling.
There are many finishing materials that imitate the past era – wallpaper with a characteristic print, plastering the walls to give them a certain texture.

Natural colors of moderate saturation:
– light pink,
– light lilac,
– white,
– green
– golden,
– copper,
– light blue,
– brown.
Faded colors are also used.
Natural textiles characteristic of the selected era:
– cotton,
– wool,
– linen,
– silk.
Natural materials: brass, copper, forging, ceramics, porcelain, wood, plaster from natural components.
Used stucco, often supplemented with silvering, gilding or patina.
Modern vintage in the interior may include dried flowers and applications with them.
Lighting choose a soft, moderate brightness, for example, floor lamps with lampshades, gently diffuse light.

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