The interior of the guest room or guest house
Conditions for creating a guest room All sooner or later faced with the issue of accommodation of guests. For such purposes use the guest room. But not in all cases…

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Interior design for the girl
What nuances should be taken into account when choosing an interior for a girl? Try to strike a balance between aesthetic beauty and practicality. Sometimes girls focus on the visual…

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The interior of the guest room or guest house
Conditions for creating a guest room All sooner or later faced with the issue of accommodation of guests. For such purposes use the guest room. But not in all cases…

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Interior cabinet color

What nuances need to be considered when choosing a color palette for the office?
When selecting colors for the cabinet, it is important to consider the following nuances:

Perception of the palette.
It is important to take into account not only personal perception, but also visitors to the office, with whom you will need to solve business issues and enter into contracts. The setting should promote constructive dialogue and comfort.

The size of the room.
Dark and rather deep colors visually reduce the area, and light colors make it more spacious, especially in combination with coatings that have a glossy shine.

Light level
Dark colors in the interior of the cabinet are chosen if it is well lit, since they visually take the space.

Matching color style interior.
Some styles provide a certain color spectrum and the level of its saturation. For example, the avant-garde style is characterized by bright and saturated colors (light green, bright red, lemon), and vintage provides for natural and faded tones.

Rules and techniques of designers.
There are several established rules and practices in the design environment:

The main two colors of the cabinet complement their small blotches of the third color.
The proportion is 60:30:10, where 60 is the main color, 30 is complementary, and 10 are blotches.
The use of the same color, but its different shades and saturation.

The opinion of experts in psychology
In the question, what color should be the office, should consider the opinion of psychologists. Consider their main statements.

The saturated and bright tones that prevail in the office disturb the nervous system and can distract from work.
The abundance of flowers provokes headaches, increases fatigue and often makes it difficult to fall asleep after working in the office.
Warm and calm color combinations in the office increase productivity during work.
Cold tones fill with energy and promote concentration on work tasks.
The combination of warm and cold tones will favorably affect people in the office and combine the positive properties of the chosen colors.
Bright color, if it does not prevail, it is best to use if the activity is associated with creativity.
When you need maximum attention, use a calm and warm gamut.

Cabinet color options and combinations
We suggest you to consider the most suitable combinations of colors in the office and their successful combinations.

In the office in white will be comfortable to be, if it is small. Then he will create a feeling of comfort and freshness. White symbolizes hope, drives away the desire to surrender in a difficult situation and adjusts to the working mood. Many executives are exactly white.

A striking example is the office of Anna Wintour (chief editor of Vogue magazine). White combines with almost all colors, but best of all with pastel, gray, red and blue.

Gray is associated with office restraint and dress code. Classic gray can catch up with sleep and gloom. Therefore, if you decide to arrange the office in gray colors, make the main light gray color or close to a dramatic silver tone. Optimal combinations: white, natural green, scarlet, beige.

One of the win-win options when arranging an office is to use a discreet and noble brown color. There are many interesting shades of it – from light wood to deep chocolate. It will effectively and dominate, and be in equal pair with other colors.

A moderate saturation brown contributes to concentration at work and gives a feeling of comfort. It combines brown with white, all shades of green and blue. The office in different shades of brown will also look spectacular.

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