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African style interior – hot savanna in your home

Bizarreness, eccentricity, contrast – this is what distinguishes any ethno-style. One of the most popular and eccentric design solutions for today is the interior in the African style, which combines a riot of color, originality and simplicity. African style is distinguished by its characteristic minimalism, simple forms and rough textures, primitive decor and natural colors in textiles. This interior seems to reproduce the beauty of the world with all the love for natural materials.

African colors
The palette is quite diverse and at the same time limited only to natural flowers: sunny golden, sultry terracotta, brown earthen, vegetable marsh, as well as slate and white. As additional shades, one should pay attention to the following tones: mahogany, burnt umber, peat, ivory, desert sand — the very names of these flowers lead to their burning homeland. As a reminder of the night southern bonfires, the African design has incorporated bright combinations of red, black and blue colors, as well as all the play of orange.

Decorative bowl Fortuna Flower Vase Kimaree Decorative vase Flavio
Home decoration and furniture selection
Like any of the ethno-designs, this style accepts only natural materials or their good imitations. The main materials for decorating can be wood, ceramics, stone, straw, in limited quantities – metal. No synthetics and glossy surfaces.

A successful solution for the walls – a combination of different textures. It can be a combined wallpaper, special mosaics or ceramic tiles. The walls look original, refined by a network of cracks that imitate African soil in drought. They are created using a special paint of two shades, as well as a special varnish. The technique is called crackle. Ideal with the African direction decorative plaster. Especially effectively it will look artificially aged. Adherents of the classics can recommend a single color in one of the warm colors of the recommended palette and wall paintings in the ethnic style.

The ceiling is made according to the decor of the walls. The most commonly used options are whitewashing, painting in white or any light color, suspended ceiling made of wooden panels. It is worth considering that the bulky chandelier will not fit into the African-ethnic interior, so it is better to choose a small lamp in eco-style. For additional lighting, you can use floor lamps decorated with natural weaving or beads.

It is also preferable to install windows from wood. As window decorations, curtains with exotic patterns or bamboo blinds are selected. For the floor, you can use the coating under the tree, the best option – laminate. If the budget allows, you can revet the floor with artificial or natural stone. However, it should be borne in mind that the stone – the material is very cold. To solve this problem, you can lay on top carpet mats, embroidered with African national patterns.

When choosing furniture, it is better to give preference to wood and its derivatives. To the place will be forged and clay items, wicker furniture, hanging shelves made of wood or metal.

Africa in accessories and decor elements
Do not forget that Africa is a country of predators, so fur carpets in the form of animal skin and fabrics (for example, a soft blanket) with animal prints, as well as bright decorative pillows will become indispensable elements of the decor. Especially interesting option – a lot of pillows, but with different colors. One, for example, completely under a zebra, another – monophonic bright blue, and the third – brick color in a small ornament.

Decorative figure of a giraffe Maximus (big) Figure of Cactus Ceramic figure of a rhino of Frankie
Decorative palm trees, tall plants in the form of ferns and small trees in ceramic vases and pots will remind you of the dense jungle. To focus on greens, it is enough to install several pots in different parts of the house.

Ethno-style distinguished unusual things, reflecting the unique culture of the tribal peoples. Therefore, all sorts of hunting trophies and amulets, painted shaman’s masks and pictures, figurines and figures in the form of animals and little eagles, decorative caskets and chests, national musical instruments will add a special touch to the house.

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