Architectural style: baroque
Baroque architecture (L. Bernini, F. Borromini in Italy, BF Rastrelli in Russia) is characterized by spatial scope, cohesion, turnover of complex, usually curvilinear, forms. Often there are deployed large-scale colonnades,…

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Interior design for the girl

What nuances should be taken into account when choosing an interior for a girl?
Try to strike a balance between aesthetic beauty and practicality.
Sometimes girls focus on the visual appeal of furniture, forgetting about functionality. As a result, the interior of the room for a girl can be very beautiful, but inconvenient for permanent residence.

Listen to your own wishes and preferences, and a professional designer, if necessary, will correct them and help translate them into reality.
Decide what type of layout you prefer: open or closed.
Some girls prefer closed layouts to feel comfort and privacy. This type of layout will allow you to relax and use beauty secrets (make cosmetic procedures) without unnecessary eyes.

The apartment for the girl, whose interior is created according to her preferences, should be divided into functional areas. We will tell about them in more detail below.
The interior for the girl, or at least one of the rooms, can personify her interests and hobbies.

Select the desired level of lighting. Practice shows that most girls like well-lit rooms. This can be achieved by making large or panoramic windows, a second light and well thought out artificial lighting.

If the interior design of the girl is made in an elegant style (for example, shebbi-chic, classic, English style, art deco), use crystal chandeliers, lampshades, chandeliers. For interiors such as high-tech, avant-garde, etc., use LEDs. Spot lighting and slit lighting will help highlight the desired accents and areas in the interior of a modern girl.

Color spectrum
The color palette largely affects not only the perception of the interior, but also the emotional state. Despite the widespread stereotypes that girls should choose “feminine” colors, and men – “masculine”, it is best to give preference to colors that are most liked, and take into account the peculiarities of style.

For lovers of Mediterranean and nautical themes, these colors are suitable: olive, turquoise, blue, blue, azure, white.
Girls who prefer the avant-garde should use bright and saturated colors and bold contrasts: lemon, red, black, yellow, coral, orange.
Romance of Provence will emit a lavender, lilac, green, white, beige color.
Shebbi-chic will emphasize pale pink, white, light lilac, green, peach color, as well as pastel colors.
Scandinavian style will be personified by the following colors: white, blue, blue, silver.
Mostly white. The interior of the white room for the girl will make the room airy and easy to read.

Since there are quite a few zoning options and it depends largely on the type of layout, we will list only the important nuances of zoning.

It is desirable that the home includes a wardrobe or a spacious wardrobe.
Girls tend to buy a lot of things for different seasons, and they need to be stored in an orderly and convenient manner.
Regardless of the interior design of the bedroom for a girl, it is desirable to create a dressing room there.
This is a convenient and practical solution that allows you to choose the desired image without leaving the bedroom.
Arranging the dressing room, do not forget about the mirror so that you can see yourself in full growth.
Also in the dressing area should be good lighting.
Arrange the work area.
A girl of school or college age will need to regularly do homework, and those who are already working will have to complete work tasks if necessary. In such a zone there should be enough light, a desktop, a place for books, electronics (laptop or computer), a desk lamp.
To create a working mood complement the decor with a decor that gives inspiration to work.
It can be a picture with a favorite plot, a photograph or some motivating accessory.
The interior of the small room for the girl is also zoned.
The main areas: recreation, wardrobe and work. They stand out themed things, as well as lighting.
When space permits, partitions are made, most often of drywall. They can be in the form of shelves, sliding doors or with glass or mirror inserts.

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