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Black and white interior and its combinations

What nuances need to take into account, equipping a black and white interior?
It is important that both black and white are perceived by you positively.
After all, you will spend a lot of time in their company.
Decide what color you will give priority to or, perhaps, prefer two peer colors.
But in any case, add accents of a different tone.
This range is often chosen by people with a restrained temperament, adherents of chic and elegance.
Also these colors make room for teenagers.
The considered colors are well complemented by chrome elements and glossy surfaces.

The role of white in the room and its influence
White, like black, is included in a special group of colors. This is the purest color, carrying a charge of freshness.

The room in which the white color reigns looks airy, spacious and elegant.
Its key advantage is the harmonious combination of almost the entire palette. It will become a good background, contrast or addition to another color, and at the same time it will not attract attention if the goal is to create a spectacular combination, even if it is a black and white interior.

Among all combinations with white, the most classic and expressive solution is the interior in black and white colors.
Also, it is particularly well in harmony with the red, blue, blue, azure, yellow, gray and pastel colors.

With it, you can soften the contrast and make two completely different colors closer.
To do this, make a white line between two contrasting colors.

White may be dominant in the room.
The main thing is to choose the right tone among its shades, and there are quite a few of them – from cold arctic to cream. In order for this coloring to be pleasant for the eyes and perception, especially when it is the main one, it is advisable to choose warmer tones.

Designers have one of the rules of color combinations – the design of a room in one color, but using its different shades.
It does not apply to white color, since in aggregate different shades of white will look yellowed and expressionless.

With the help of white you can visually enlarge the room, for example, if it is more in the interior in black and white.
White suits almost all people. He personifies purity, good and awakens positive emotions. It also evokes a feeling of freedom and peace of mind.

The role of black in the room and its influence
A room in which there is black is filled with a touch of chic, respectability and elegance. Saturation and depth make it a useful tool in the hands of a designer.

He, like white, successfully combined with many colors, especially with white, red, gray, silver, green, brown and yellow.
If black is used as a background, the remaining elements on its background will become expressive.
In this case, it will not dominate and visually take space.

Black will open well in a bright and spacious room.
But even in this case, some designers prefer not to make it dominant.

Due to its saturation, it can be tiring and even disheartening.
Therefore, a popular and win-win solution is the interior in black and white with the dominance of white.

If the designer professionally decorates the situation with the participation of black, he will only act positively, improving his mood, and capture its depth. In such a home will feel the impeccable taste and elegance of the owners.

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