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The interior of an apartment for a young family

The nuances that need to be taken into account
When a young family lives in a small apartment, it is important to take into account a number of factors so that the design of an apartment for a young family is not only beautiful, but also functional.

Decide what functional areas should be in the home, and whether there is enough space for them.
Consider the number of people living in the apartment. Every family member should be comfortable. Even in a small apartment, you can equip zones of personal space. For example, if someone has a hobby and allows a square, make a special corner for him. For the child, highlight the play area.
Do you plan to replenish the family? If yes, then you need to initially think of a place for another family member.
The interior for a young family should include a storage area, and there are a lot of them, especially when there are children.
The organization of the working space. When a family has a schoolboy or a preschooler, it is simply necessary. If someone in the family works at home or periodically performs home business tasks, the work space should also be there.
Proper arrangement of the dining area. If for a family without children it is possible to arrange the table in the form of a high bar counter, then when there are children, it is worthwhile to provide a comfortable full-fledged dining table.
Studio or standard apartment?
Studio is a current and popular solution for young people. In this regard, designers have a lot of ideas for its arrangement. The free layout allows you to create a modern and functional design of a studio apartment for a family.

Often, designers use this solution: the kitchen and living room are combined, and the sleeping area is finished with a screen or partition.

When there are children in the family, this solution is not always convenient. Firstly, I want privacy, and secondly, when guests come and make noise, it will be difficult for a child to relax and fall asleep. For these reasons, more profitable standard apartment with separate kitchen.

There is a compromise solution – a studio, but with one or several rooms allotted. As a result, such an apartment interior for a family with a child will include a spacious room in the form of a kitchen-living room and separate rooms for bedrooms.

How can you make a one-room one-room apartment?
The 1st idea is suitable for those who have a studio apartment (about 40 meters or more) with a large loggia or balcony.
From the interior of odnushki for a family with a child, two rooms are formed in this way:

In the loggia or on the glazed balcony the kitchen is equipped.
But at the same time consider the weight of the permissible load.
Engage more tall and hanging furniture.
Install a compact stove and a small sink, lay tiles on the floor.
In the place of transition of the room to the balcony (loggia) set a small table.
During the dismantling of the balcony wall, leave a part of it at such a height and in such a way that a surface can be installed on it that will serve as a table.
As a result, you have a ready-made kitchen and another room for living room for a husband and wife or child.

Now these rooms need to be zoned.

To do this, optimally fit compartment doors with frosted glass inserts that will allow enough light into the room and protect from kitchen odors.
An alternative may be vertical blinds, but they will not be separated from the fumes in the kitchen, although they will take less space compared to the compartment door.

The second idea of ​​an apartment design for a family is created according to the same principle, but without a partition.
In the place where the room goes to the balcony, a table is placed, and the kitchen is located on the balcony or some kitchen attributes if the area of ​​the balcony is small. Then you can organize a small but cozy kitchen-living room.

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