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Modern interior design for a young man

Nuances worth considering
Equipping the design of the apartment for a young man, it is important to consider the following nuances:

Age category.
For example, an 18-year-old student and a 25-year-old man will have different wishes and needs in a home setting. More on age categories, we describe below.

More space and less cluttering decor and details.
Interests and preferences.
Listen to yourself and your own desires, imagine a perfect home for yourself.
Give all this to a designer who polishes the information and creates a cozy apartment that you have always dreamed of.

Type of layout.
They are open and closed. There is also a compromise solution – a combined kitchen-living room (studio), to which one or several separate rooms adjoin.

Decide on a style that would suit both you and the features of the apartment. There are many ideas of interior design for a young man who can be implemented even in a small dwelling.

The setting should be not only stylish, but also functional. This is important for the place of permanent residence. Housing should be comfortable, and in the pursuit of fashion trends there is a risk of failing this nuance.

Decide what areas should be in the interior for a guy. More about the zones, we will describe below.

Features activities or hobbies.
It is often important that the setting inspires a productive work activity or a favorite hobby. But if the work tires or takes too much space in life, then it is better that the home has an environment conducive to relaxation and distraction from everyday work.

At this age, most often the life of a guy rages outside the home. Many young men of this age claim that it is enough for them to represent flat minimalism – a sleeping place, a desk, a small kitchen, and a place to store things. The smaller things, the easier it is to put things in order.

It is important to make the room also cozy, functional, visually appealing and without excesses in the form of an abundance of decor or a kaleidoscope of colors.

Since 18–19 years old is a student age, the study area should be thought out especially carefully. Provide a good artificial and daylight, comfortable writing desk. It may include a place for a computer and a laptop. Equip shelves for storing literature. Proponents of minimalism fit compact and closed shelves.

In arranging the interior of a young guy you need to take into account his hobby, which can be short-lived. Many young men are fond of music, computers, football, skateboards, etc. Make room for such interests in your home. Also elements of the hobby can be included in the overall decor of the interior.

Since the hobby can be short-lived, you can make the design of the hobby zone, which allows you to easily redo it or even remove it.

20 – 25 years
At this age, guys often have more wishes and preferences in the interior. Giving up on the minimalist setting, many realize that they want something more. Therefore, it is important when arranging the design of a room for a young person to clearly articulate how he would like to see the final result.

Serious relationships with the girl also encourage people to review the situation in the dwelling, adapting it more for the couple – a comfortable double bed or a model of a folding sofa that replaces it, expanding the functionality of the kitchen, spacious and closed cabinets in the bathroom.

25 years and older
After graduating from school, it is advisable to narrow the work area (except if you are not working at home). In this way, more space will be freed.

In this age period, some hobbies become permanent, which is important to consider when you make a home. When the flow of work rushes or fatigue overcomes, take a look or immerse yourself in the world of a hobby to saturate yourself with pleasant emotions and get a charge of inspiration.

Many in 25 years and older have a desire to maintain good health through sports, but there is not always time to go to the gym. From these considerations, it is possible to distinguish in the interior of the room of a young guy a place for simulators, dumbbells or barbells. If the area of ​​the dwelling is small, but there is a desire to put a simulator, choose one that would work out as many muscles as possible, for example, an orbitrek. If there is a spacious loggia, it is possible to equip a mini gym in it and store sports equipment.

If you are planning to start a family, there are even more requirements for furnishing the interior, the most important of which is the allocation of personal space to each family member. We wrote more about such design decisions in the article Interior of an apartment for a young family.

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