Architectural style of regency and georgian style
These architectural styles in our country are often defined by the general term “English style”, but in reality they represent two interrelated styles - the Georgian style and the regency…

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Traditional style in the interior
Style benefits Versatility The design is well suited for finishing both a country cottage and an apartment in a high-rise building. Organically fits into any interior space - public and…

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Architectural style: baroque
Baroque architecture (L. Bernini, F. Borromini in Italy, BF Rastrelli in Russia) is characterized by spatial scope, cohesion, turnover of complex, usually curvilinear, forms. Often there are deployed large-scale colonnades,…

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8 indispensable home accessories

The quality of the home interior and the visual enjoyment of its contemplation mainly depends on how much attention the hosts pay to the accessories. Indeed, without these decorative trifles, the room becomes boring, spineless, like a hotel room.

In this case, slightly decorate the apartment, add personality and style is actually very easy. In order to give the room a unique look and turn into a beautiful interior space that was just filled with furniture – just one day is enough! Well, of course, you want to find interior accessories such as vases, dishes, plates, other decorative dishes, candlesticks, figurines and figurines, photo frames, jewelry boxes, etc. – in one place, at a reasonable price and in decent quality.
Consider some of the products we offer for the interior decor and discuss how to make your purchases fit into your interior most favorably.

Vase Ravenna 1. Vases.
The integral attributes of any living space and at the same time accessories that serve as bright and effective decorations for the interior are vases. At all times, these accessories featured a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and styles. Products with decorative gilding or ornamental painting are suitable for Arab or Turkish style, porcelain – for Chinese and Japanese, as well as European baroque. Glass vases – for French classicism and the Russian Empire, made of colored glass or plastic – for high-tech, new-age styles. And for art deco style, perfect vases with imitation of precious stones will be perfect. Pick up the right vases for the interior is not difficult at all, the main thing is to do everything with taste and take into account the peculiarities of this or that style.

Wall panel Green Forest 2. Pictures.
Refined and beautiful paintings have long served not only as one of the main highlights of the interior, but also demonstrated the refinement of the taste of the owners. Time does not stand still, and over the past centuries new styles of visual art have come into vogue. Nevertheless, the essence remained the same – without paintings on the walls, any interior loses its appeal.

Large wall mirror Dominique 3. Mirrors.
Mirrors – the perfect accessory for the interior of any room. They are able to visually expand the space, make the room brighter, or, on the contrary, more chamber. You can buy a mirror of any shape today (square, round, rectangular, or even some kind of irregular, fancy shape), for any style, interior, for any room in an apartment. The framing of mirrors is also the most diverse: wooden, plastic, metal using forging elements, stained glass, glass, made of semiprecious stones. The price range is also diverse – it depends primarily on the quality of the materials used, the originality of the product, the complexity of manufacturing, as well as the uniqueness of the decor.

Turtle decorative plate with stand 4. Dishes and plates, decorative dishes.
These things will be a good decoration anywhere in your home – from the living room to the decorative niche in the kitchen. Select items in matching shades and textures, so that the objects complement each other and resonate with the design of the room. Decorative tableware does not always have to have user functionality; often this has to be sacrificed for the sake of unusual material, form, print, or decor.
Small candlestick Loleeta 5. Candles and candlesticks.
Ideal for a country house or a room with a fireplace. Together they create a romantic atmosphere of past centuries, the illusion of being in a Victorian castle. However, if you are a fan of modern styles and live in the metropolitan loft, our collection of fashionable modern candlesticks will not leave you indifferent. It should be placed a small composition of several candlesticks of different sizes and designs, but connected in a single style.

Dancing figurine 6. Figures and figurines.
Decorative figurines – a universal solution for any room, even a nursery. These, at first glance, trifles in fact perfectly smooth out contrasts in the interior, are a “unifier” of styles and demonstrate your bright personality. Choose from classic sculptures to animal figures and cartoon characters, provided that the style of the room “supports” such a decision. However, here, as in the case of vases, the proportions should be kept so that the composition does not look erratic.

Decorative boxes Adalie, set of 2 pcs. 7. Caskets and decorative boxes.
They will not only decorate the interior, but will also become a place for storing jewelry, sewing and other accessories. Today, decorative boxes are presented in any style – from baroque to minimalism.

Table candlestick Tarson 8. Floor lamps and lamps.
Necessary for the owners of the house and at the same time useful for the interior can be called accessories such as floor lamps, table lamps and other lighting elements.

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